Our Goal:  To support the school and community use of Robotics, to empower 21st Century skills, and to stimulate Robotics by providing access to low cost multi use robot platform that will encourage design, electronics, robotics, coding, art  and engineering skills.

Sept of 2013 Carleton Engineering and Design partnered with St Peter High School TEJ classes to challenge students in the area of Design and Engineering. 

St Peter grade 12 TEJ students worked on developing a robotic platform that can be used by other schools to engage students in the areas of Design, Engineering and Problem Solving


Mostly 3D printed using servo motors and IR remote control - arduino uno               

Oct 2013

CARL 1.0

Laser Body with 3D printed connectors  - N20-motor -  IR remote control - arduino mini pro       

Oct 2013

CARL 1.10

Branded laser body with no screw attachment system - N20 - line follower - arduino mini pro      

Jan 2015


Branded laser body, - wifi controlled - n20 - h bridge - line following - arduino nano                  

May 2015

CARL 2.1

Branded laser body -  pcb sensor plate - snap together - wifi controlled - n20 motors - h bridge - 7 sensor line following and line jumping

Dec 2015

CARL 3.0

Complete IR controlled TSOP robot kit with Arduino Nano

Jan 2016

CARL 4.0

PCB Arduino ESP8266 Robot with 14 different features and smart phone Android APP

Jan 2016


Contact us for CARL to be used at your school     TEJ TER curriculum development summer 2016


CARL 5.0

As more and more school are creating Robotic clubs and courses -  There is a call for parts and curriculum to run these school initiatives

Carleton University outreach has committed to providing workshops and ST Peter TEJ classes have committed to create and share robotic curriculum

Sept 2016


Partnership with Carleton to staff new code for CARL 5  (Mustafa)

Students at St Peter and both University have created the snap in  parts for CARL 5

Overall quality control was provided by M Grant at Maker Space North Ottawa

Ottawa Catholic School Board provide CARL 5’s for every Technology Department Head

Local student (Micah)  has created an on-line parts store to facilitate quick access to parts for CARL 5

March 2017

CARL 5.1

We have added the autonomous mode to the carl using the avoidance sensors

June 2017

CARL 5.1

Micah Black a Glebe High School student has opened a store to provide low cost parts for the CARL

Another student will be offering workshops to the home school community, information TBA

May 2017

CARL 5.1

MakerSpace North will be staging a City wide CARL 5.1  Avoidance Competition in April of 2018

June 2017

CARL 5.1

Community Sponsors are forming a committee to offer free CARL 5.1 to libraries and “Code for girls”

June 2017



Carl 1.  is a IR remote

Carl 2 is a Line Follower

Carl 4  is Wifi -IR - PCB  Smart phone app

CARL 5 Features

Arduino based

Snap together Robot no glue or screws to allow all the parts to be used in other projects

  IR Remote  Avoidance or  Line Following

3D printed parts to allow for change in design

Great learning opportunity for all ages

Workshops available